This forum is dedicated to chronic migraine, cluster and hemiplegic sufferers who wish to share their experiences with breakthrough extra-cranial procedures.

Since the age of 5, my daughter Chanel suffered debilitating and chronic migraines. It was a long and difficult journey for us as a family, but everything changed in March 2014, after a trip to South Africa.

Chanel had endured daily migraines, and she spent weeks at the local children’s hospital on pain medication. Chanel wasn’t able to attend school and every day was a battle dealing with this disorder. By the time we discovered extra-cranial technology, we had tried everything – chiropractors, natural therapies, physiotherapy, MRI’s, spinal taps, the list goes on. Finding extra-cranial technology was an absolute breakthrough and changed my beautiful daughter’s life!

She no longer suffers from these debilitating headaches and I am so grateful for the new life she has been given! I want to help others that suffer and let them know that there is help out there. My hope is that more clinics that offer these extra-cranial procedures will open in Melbourne, Australia and elsewhere around the world. With such simple minimally invasive procedures there is so much hope for sufferers like Chanel. Being involved with this community forum is something I am very passionate about as it’s had such a big impact on my family.