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    I’m very honored to be the first to thank Dr. Shevel on this forum for ridding my life of cluster headaches and giving me back my life, which at times during an attack I thought my life was worthless. That might not mean much to most people but anyone who has been cured from having to live with cluster headaches will know exactly what I mean. These headaches totally consume you and your family’s lives.

    All I could think of before was when, where, how long and how painful the next attack would be.

    It’s been three years now that I’ve been completely cluster free after Dr. Shevel performed an ligation to my arteries. It’s with that statement that I can use the term CURED.

    Dr. Shevel and his team were so caring and knowledgeable, it was very comforting to for me because it was the first time I had met a doctor that knew exactly what I was going through.
    Pain is a strange, one forgets the extent of the pain, however I can still remember the look on my wife an son’s face of such sadness as they stood there after been woken up night after night by my screams and cry’s. All they could do was watch me pace, cry, swear and scream as they handed me crushed ice, hot water bottles, my oxygen, wet rags, nothing could stop the pain until I met Dr. Shevel.

    It had got to the stage where my then 15 year old son was losing sleep at night because he was trying to help and support me in turn it started to affect his life and his schoolwork.

    I had tried just about everything to relieve the pain, nothing helped, Imagran injections only offered temporary relief.

    I was embarrassed when I had an attack while in mixed company, so I stopped going out.

    If you are a Cluster headache sufferer I suggest you get in contact with the headache clinic, you have nothing more to lose and everything to gain, including your life back, because I didn’t realize what I had lost until I got it all back again.

    I can’t thank Dr. Shevel and his team enough, I will always be indebted.

    Dr. Shevel is a gift from God.

    Thank you and regards.


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    Hi Ryan, just wondering if you had relapses in the first year, and did you go back and have any further surgeries. Glad to hear you are well. Fantastic news for you and your family.

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    Hi Hopeful,
    No I have never had a relapse, I did have a few attacks after the surgery however they were minor, and got progressively weaker in pain over the following days after the surgery, It was when I had a bit of swelling on my jaws though, but when the swelling subsided over the following week Dr. Shevel then asked me to come in and he re-ligated the arteries and the clusters stopped all together.

    Again, thankfully no, I have never had any follow up surgeries.

    After reading your initial post I would advise that you return to Dr. Shevel and see what he suggests, my logic would say if it worked at first, then there is a good chance it will work again. What else have you got to loose?

    Thank you and regards.

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